About Me

I know you're wondering who I am, what makes me tick, why I have neuroses with germs. Perhaps you'd even like to know what size my mom jeans are (but I'm not telling, and you'd be weird for asking.) Maybe you're looking at my picture wondering if this is what I really look like. Hell no, it isn't. I've got worry lines in my forehead from fretting about germs, crows feet around my eyes from doing the "mean mom squint," and my face is so dry, most people think I'm actally part reptile. But that wouldn't have been a very effective marketing picture, see. This is what I look like with some serious photo brushing,  thanks to my favorite photographer. It's what I imagine I could look like with Botox and Juviderm, if I had the money and didn't mind injecting toxins into my skin in order to look like I'm 15 again. (Now that I think about it, I didn't even look this good at 15.) But photo-airbrushing is more my style and definitely within my budget. What can I say. First impressions are everything.

I hope you'll tune in often and read more about my East Coast Musings. I can guarantee it isn't the best use of your time--you could be doing yard work, cleaning toilets, preparing some meal to feed family or children, or actually putting in hours at your paying job--but hopefully reading this will make you laugh, which will make you feel 2% better about your day. If you eat a piece of chocolate sitting in your underwear first thing in the morning while reading this, there's a chance you'll feel 10% better about your day. If you really want to Carpe Diem, reading my blog while eating chocolate in your underwear and swilling a glass of wine is guaranteed to make you feel 1000% better about your day, no matter what time you do it. It's up to you. I'm all about choices.

If you need to see an actual resume, list of clips, or my professional work, you can visit my website or find me on LinkedIn. As always, welcome!