Monday, May 5, 2008

Need a Spa Day?

I know this posting will seem a bit haven't seen anything like it from me, and are unlikely to again. That is, unless I find another good cause to support.
I know. There is a cause and a group for just about everything. Diabetes. Heart Association. March of Dimes. Cystic Fibrosis. Women-who-suck-at-housecleaning.
Oh wait. That's just a group I'd like to start.
Many of you know I walked for the MS society to support my good friend Dawn. While I do occasionally benefit from her handicap placard when we shop, I would rather she not be dealing with MS, and trying to figure out what this means for her future and the future of her husband and three small children. So I walked to support this amazing cause. For those who supported me in that endeavor, THANK YOU!!
My second cause is the Relay for Life. I'm part of a team walking to support another good friend, Claire. She has battled and beat breast cancer! Yeah for Claire! She also has a husband and three small children who have had to deal with the questions that arise when confronted with a life changing event of this nature; the what if's, if only's, and what now's.
So I had an idea to raise funds for the Relay for Life walk coming up in June.
I'm going to raffle off a $50 gift certificate for Spa Finder.
It's good in just about any state, and you can go to the website to find the specific spa locations that accept it. Just imagine; you can support cancer research while getting a mani and a pedi. What an offer!
Here's how it works: For every $10 donation you make to my Relay for Life fund, you'll get entered into the drawing for the certificate. If you donate $20, you get two chances, and so on. My goal is $300, but I'd love to surpass it. And honestly, a $50 gift certificate for $20 is a pretty good deal.
The links below will take you to the Spa Finder website where you can get more info, or my personal page for Relay for Life.
I'm going to support these two causes because these two friends welcomed and helped me when I first moved to MA back in 2000. That neighborhood playgroup where I met many of my friends (my only friends at the time) saved me and provided me an opportunity to get out of my small condo with my two small children. If it weren't for these ladies, I'd probably be supporting AA, (since wine seems like a good solution when you're stressed) or Mother's-who-have-had-it.
Oh wait. That's another group I'd like to start. Sorry.
But I'm also going to support them because so far I've been blessed with good health. And so far, I haven't had to face those If Only thoughts and Why Me questions. They have. And that's reason enough for me.
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