Monday, June 28, 2010

Arizona Pros and Cons

I’ll cut to the chase and just start off by asking you to forgive me for not posting in 10 days. I understand that it’s a really long time and you have all come to rely on me for your only source of humor and levity in this crazy busy (sometimes not-too-nice) world. I’m right about at the middle of my “vacation” here in Arizona, the term vacation being used rather loosely. Vacations bring to mind reading piles of books by the pool, sipping frozen girly drinks through pineapple shaped straws, sleeping in, and having people serve you (or at least ordering food out) a majority of the time. While I have had some time by the pool, and I do admit to sucking down a pina colada in my sister-in-law’s fab personal fully stocked bar, the majority of my time has been pretty scheduled, packed full, and ordered according to priority: 1) spend time with grandparents as much as possible 2) spend time with sisters/parents/nieces & nephews as much as possible, and 3) see friends. That’s the honest truth of it, because who knows what tomorrow is going to bring or when I’ll be coming back to the valley and under what circumstances. I’m trying to Carpe Diem. Even though right now the thought of getting hit by a bus sounds really good, if only for the fact that I could sleep in a bed for about a week. It’d have to be a mini bus of course.

While I’m here I figured I’ve give you a little list of the benefits and drawbacks of Arizona through my eyes, and while I generally tend to regard Arizona with some dislike, there are some benefits that I’m reminded of now that I’m here. In no particular order, here you are:

Pros of AZ in June
1. No mosquitos. Ever. Not enough water for much of anything to live on, especially flying insects.
2. Warm summer evenings not requiring even a light jacket.
3. Beautiful sunsets.
4. They sell liquor in the grocery stores. I forgot how much I love one stop shopping.
5. More than two choices of restaurants to eat at.                            
6. Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. A soup, salad, bread, and pasta bar that the East Coast really needs to try to incorporate.
7. Family.
8. Grandparents. I know they are technically family, but they deserve their own line.
9. Wildflower Café iced tea.
10. Good Mexican food twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
11. Shopping with my mom and sisters.
12. Being able to go to a mall that isn’t 30 minutes away.
13. Driving my parents Highlander, which I LOVE.
14. Having all three kids spend an entire weekend with my sister-in-law.
15. More than one place to get ice cream.
16. Spending time in Flagstaff.

Cons about AZ in June
1. Sewer roaches. Although I must admit I haven’t seen that many, thank God.
2. The possibility of scorpions in the house.
3. Swoobies. That’s slang for “sweaty boobies” for those who don’t know. While I’d love to take credit for this fabulous wordsmithing, I must give credit to my friend Liz for using it. Unfortunately, it’s so hot here that you get swoobies on your way out the door.
4. It’s hotter than shit. Which I said to my grandmother today right before I took her home today and we were both melting in the blasted car. It made her laugh pretty hard, so chalk one up for swearing in front of grandma. She agreed, by the way.
5. Everything is brown. Everything. Landscaping, walls, houses, buildings, pool decking, dirt, sand, horizon,   you name it. Life here is beige.
6. Burning your feet if you forget to wear shoes outside. Think it’ll take you “just a second” to get your mail so you forgo the shoes? Fine. Sign up for some foot skin grafts after you hobble back to the house.
7. Hectic pace to life.
8. No farmstands.
9. No rain. I’ve been here 10 days and not only has there not been even one tiny drop of rain, but there are also no clouds in the sky and no forecast for rain anytime soon.
10. It’s hotter than shit. Have I mentioned that yet?
11. Because it’s so warm here, my morning coffee has lost it’s appeal. I’m back to craving iced tea instead, which is no doubt much better for my arse.
12. Dry skin. If the heat wasn’t enough to suck the moisture right from your pores, adding pool chlorine to the mix nails the coffin shut. I’m pretty sure that as we walk we leave a trail of human shaped skin carcasses behind us.
13. Sunburn. Not that you can’t get sunburned in MA, but you usually don’t get one walking to the car or getting the newspaper from the driveway.
14. Swarse. Or swotch. Take your pick. Similar to sweaty boobies, but with your southern hemisphere. This usually causes your underwear to stick to places it’s not supposed to stick to.
15. It’s not home. Even though I fully realize that when I get home the novelty of it will wear off about 5 hours after walking through the door and I’ll be back to missing my family.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. An little pro and con action for those who may be considering relocating to this fabulously sunny state. Sure you can get ice cream on almost every block, but you’ll pay in swoobies and swotch. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2 comments: said...

Fabulous job! Yes we have been missin your writing. You almost had me wanting to be there...and then not! Love combo words lately too. My kids have been trying to chillaxe and we visited a zarnival last weekend.

Pam said...

mmmm, Wildflower Iced Tea!!!
That is worth the Swoobies, and if it makes you feel any better we have not had a drop of rain (at ourhouse, can't attest to your house) since you have left. COme back soon before Mansfield turns beige...