Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Poetry Tuesday: Many Haiku for reading: It won't take you long


The lies we believe
Only keep us safe until
We choose to wake up

The line in the sand
Again washed away by waves
She draws another

On Gardening

Potatoes planted
Refuse to send shoots upward
Where the hell are you?

My nemesis taunts
Choking my efforts at growth
Mother f*#@ing weeds

On Chickens

My fresh free-range eggs
Better be worth all the sh*t
I clean from the pen

 I don’t understand
Why they poop in their water
It can’t taste that good

On Children

Peacefully breathing
The rise and fall of their chest
Watching children sleep

Loud obnoxious trolls
Destroy things and ignore me
I call them my kids

 Daily Prayers

Thank you for today
Help me use my time wisely
As I seek Your will

Forgive me when I
Fail to help a hurting soul
Open my eyes Lord

 Say What?

From my fingers drip
Words onto paper like ink
Meaningful blotches

I shiver though warm
Exhausted and can’t find sleep
Blue is flavorless


BIKE LADY said...

Nice! I think you've written Haiku before the blogathon.

Ms Panda's Blog said...

I love the one about children breathing! Soooo gooooood! My fav ;)

I wrote a haiku similar to the one about the line in the sand...

Writing in the sand
The message may wash away
But the moment stays

Kristi Marsh said...

Surfing, clicking, why?
Facebook eats my afternoon time.
Darn the bus. Coming.