Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beef Wieners, Crescent Dough, and Beer

February 20th, 2010

Ha. Bet you thought I wasn’t going to get this in. My plan isn’t to blog every night after 9 p.m. That’s just the only time that’s been available to me since my house is currently being overtaken by five 9 year-olds.

Today was my oldest daughter’s 9th birthday celebration with friends. (Her actual birthday was Thursday which we celebrated with a trip to the highly overrated Rainforest Cafe.) Today's shindig started this morning at 11:30 with two hours of cosmic bowling, pizza, and cake. Cosmic bowling was pretty fun generally, although with all the psychedelic moving lights I felt like I needed a beer in one hand and a bong in the other to really get into the groove. Pictures I took with the flash didn’t show the girls' cool neon glow necklaces, but pictures taken without the flash look like the one above. The results are a “little overexposed” and “drunk mom.” I have a little of both.

Some of the girls came home with me to spend the night, and it was only after I was home that I realized that I started this party WAY to early. If they go home by 11:00 tomorrow I will have had these girls and this party going for 24 hours. That’s a lot of little girl screaming I hadn’t thought of. Note to self: next year start the slumber party after dinner. I love my daughter and all, but we've been celebrating this birthday for WAY too long.

I really can’t complain though because it doesn’t take too much to keep 9 year-old girls happy. You simply need the following:

  1. Many high fat, high sodium snack foods
  2. A ton of chocolate and candy
  3. Beads and stretchy string
  4. Radio with cool music

At 2.5 hour intervals I would venture to a new location in the house or outside, sprinkle more assorted edible garbage on the ground like birdseed and let the girls run screaming and collecting the repast with fervor. After eating, a new activity. They actually made beaded bracelets for over an hour. Bless their hearts.

Dinner—at the request of my daughter of course—was a culinary treat of pigs-in-a-blanket, assorted chips, grapes, and orange kool-aid. Dessert? Make your own sundaes that were 80% crushed candy bars, cookies, sugar sprinkles, and chocolate syrup, and 20% ice cream. Quit looking at me like that. I fed them grapes. I also did my due diligence and warned them ahead of time not to dump so much stuff on their ice cream that they felt sick. THERE WILL BE NO BARFING I warned them. Not that they listened. But it’s 9:30 and I haven’t heard any heaving yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Now that I think about it, my diet hasn’t been too great today either. I was in such a rush to get things done this morning that after working out instead of following up with some serious protein, I swilled down two cups of coffee with cream and sugar. Lunch was a piece of greasy Dominoes pizza, a coke, and a slab of triple chocolate cake. Dinner was a beef wiener wrapped in crescent dough, cheese balls, a beer, and another piece of chocolate cake. Ummmm, I’m pretty sure that these items aren’t listed in the P90X workout meal plan. I wonder if Tony has a 9 year-old daughter.


brandie said...

Um yeah. 24 hour birthday parties are just not good for you. Taylor had a sleepover party for her birthday and check this out....7 pm to 10 am!!!! How cool is that? I'm so clever.

Anonymous said...

What are you serving for breakfast? Chocolate chip pancakes? Syrup? Something yummy I'm sure!!


Rachel said...

Brandie, I think you are onto something with that slumber party timing. Now my problem is what to do when my son's birthday hits in April and he wants 5 boys to spend the night for 24 hours "like his sister." Sigh.
Dawn- pancakes for sure this morning, but no choc. chips! We're out-can you believe it? I did serve breakfast with go-gurts and fresh pineapple-to ease my aching conscience.

pamteneyck said...

bad call on the 24 hours, however I suggest you pay Eli off so he just has the 7pm - 10 am, he is a sucker for unlimited video games. It is a WIN WIN for you!
Hope Anna had a blast! That makes it worth it, right?

Megan said...

I am totally loving this new blogging for 40 days. Keep it up and I will bring my tuna sandwich on Fridays (even though I am not supposed to eat Tuna)