Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just a Little Bit Sick

Alright. I know I promised a blog on the Truth about P90X today, but as my life would have it, that's just not going to be possible tonite. You see, a sick child is in the back bedroom crying my name over and over and over,.....louder now, oooh, that last one was loud too. Yikes. I don't have much time.

My toddler has the sniffling, sneezing, couging, aching, stuffy head garbage that is running around like wildfire again. In fact I think I'll give myself a does of Nyquil just so I can get some sleep since she won't be letting me do much of that tonite.

Ohh, that was a loud scream for me. Gotta hurry.

My husband is currently driving back from New Hampshire, so I'm basically here by myself with the likes of one sick, cranky kid. I have the weird feeling that I'm going to be sharing the twin bed with her tonight. Ugh.

Oh yeah, the other two kids are here too. They are about as much help as my absent husband right now. They are watching American Idol downstairs. Even though we don't ususally watch TV during the week, tonight I really needed them to be comotose. No better way to induce comotose than turn on the TV.

My youngest may actually lose her voice she's screaming so loudly. Guess that's my que.

More tomorrow night on the P90X. I promise.

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