Friday, April 23, 2010

Ear Candy

We’re almost to the end of our spring break—I’ve survived for the most part. When people ask me what our plans are for the vacation, I’m always responding with, “nothing,” and that’s just fine with the kids. They would rather hang out and play with friends that live close by than do just about anything else. Fine by me. We’ve picnicked in the yard, went bowling, planted flowers, and I’ve let the kids have the run of their videogames with (almost) no limitations set forth by me. It’s a vacation after all.

I will admit that having everyone home hasn’t left me with much time to myself, or time to blog for that matter. That’s my excuse for reneging on my every-other-day vow. I’ know you’ve been wanting one.

Jumping topics, my daughter has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, one she has been looking forward to for quite some time. I got a call from another mother this morning, asking if my 9-year old would be able to come to her daughter’s birthday this coming Sunday. Yes, it’s late notice, she knows, and she’s so sorry, but she didn’t have my address, you see. She even called herself a “train wreck.” I’m telling you I liked this woman right away. I assured her that we had no plans, my daughter would love to go, and not to worry about the last minute invite, that I myself have been guilty of the very same thing. I could be best friends with anyone who admits to being a train wreck-that’s just the kind of admission I admire.

I’ve mentioned before, my daughter’s propensity for all things crafty. He love of glue, scissors, and odds and ends. Her ability to check out a library book on card making, paper crafts, or cooking, and actually follow the directions and create quite a few new projects. I think I have also mentioned my daughter’s clothing choices before; how very often her socks and clothing don’t match. At all. Cobalt basketball shorts paired with a cotton floral print t-shirt. Stripes and dots. Summer and winter wear worn simultaneously. I’ve let the girl do her thing and have never made a comment about her wardrobe figuring that she’ll be self-conscious soon enough. Might as well give her some confidence before jr. high hits.

I mention these things because her latest creative project is making earrings. Out of candy. The Easter bunny brought her a packet of earring backs from the craft store (in Bunnyville of course) and she’s gone nuts ever since. She has used Starbursts, bubble gum, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie rolls. She has also made earrings out of metallic chenille stems, wooden beads, and metal trinkets from an old necklace.

After wearing the bubble gum earrings to school, she came home saying that many girls in her class put “an order in” for similar earrings and she was actually able to fulfill a few of these orders. After a particularly stressful night trying to make a pair, I asked “Just how many pairs of earrings are you trying to make?”

“A pair for each girl in my class,” she said.

“That’s just not possible,” I replied, although with their popularity I’m thinking maybe I should design her some business cards and have her start earning her college tuition. Or perhaps start contributing to the family food bill. But I’m pretty sure they frown on children running businesses in between math and science lessons. Some foolishness about labor laws I think.

We agreed that she would be able to make earrings for her friends for their birthday or other special occasion. This afternoon my daughter assembled four pairs of ear candy to give to her friend as a birthday present. We’ll need to brainstorm together about how to use gummy candies for earrings; I’m too nervous they’ll get sticky and end up in a fruity hair wad encouraging the wrath of other parents. Not good.

But until she has her own storefront, I’ve told her she can’t quit school and forsake her homework to string bubble gum on stretchy string and attach them to earring backs. She could easily surpass my contribution to the family income by selling these gems, but there is a time and a place. I have to admit I get a warm satisfaction down in my tummy-button knowing my daughter loves to create something from nothing. She gets that from me. I’m hoping this benefit is large enough to offset the other traits she gets from me, namely her tendency towards moodiness and overall drama-laden emotional plunges. This talent has got to be engraved in her DNA somewhere, because I can tell you I haven’t worn anything creative or homemade since my senior year in high school. My wardrobe consists pretty solidly of jeans and cotton t-shirts, ratty pajamas and a thick blue bathrobe I’ve been known to wear over my clothes during the day when I am cold. The girl has picked up no inspiration from me I can assure you. For those of you who knew my in high school, it’s just validates that old saying:

The apple don’t fall too far from the tree.

In this one particular case, it’s a good thing.

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Beth said...

Will be cleaning out my craft closet at home soon if she would like some donations!