Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Look Out May: Here I Come

So many of you were enjoying my blog posts everyday during Lent, I put a call into the Vatican, asking if there was any way to install another Lenten season during the year. As you may have guessed, Pope Benedict is a little busy putting out various public relation fires, both spiritual and emotional, figurative and literal, and the receptionist told me in polite Latin, "Id est quod id est." It is what it is. Being a lifelong Catholic, I knew pretty much going in with this request that the chances of adding another Lenten season just so I could vow to blog everyday, were about as likely as hell freezing over, but hey, miracles happen. Just ask Jeremiah Land.

In lieu of changing the liturgical calendar, I did the next best thing: joined a blog-a-thon taking place during the month of May. Yes, happy readers, everyday for the month of May I’ll be blogging on various topics and to ensure my success, I have even made a calendar of topics by day. (Yes, I realize the above image is an old calendar. Just wanted to get that out of the way so noone decided to print this off an start planning your important to do list on it.) Much like planning a monthly meal calendar (which I did successfully for awhile) so as to avoid the 4:30 p.m. “What’s for dinner tonight mom” questions and the stress that ensues, my blogging calendar will give me a topic for discussion everyday. No more excuses. This is such a good idea I’m not sure why I didn’t do this for Lent. I’ve made a mental note for next year.

I’m not going to be able to give away the entire calendar because I want you to tune in to see what’s posted, but the month’s topic list includes:
  • National Dance Like a Chicken Day-Ways to Celebrate the Yard Bird
  • Nice Moms Don’t Have Tattoos-in honor of Body Painting Arts Festival
  • Limerick Day (you’ll have to tune in to see if I keep them clean.)

There are close to 70 bloggers who have signed up for the blog-a-thon, and I’ll link their blogs in the sidebar so you can see what other bloggers are writing about every day for 31 days. It will also provide additional reading material if you happen to work at night and feel that I don’t blog as often as you’d like (cough, cough).
What do you have to do to enjoy these daily posts? Just tune in everyday during the month of May to see what I’ve been up to. And tell your friends about East Coast Musings as well. Maybe they would enjoy starting their day with something to make them laugh and not the rank, depressing, vile information you’re likely to get on the morning news. Not that I don’t blog about rank, depressing, and vile topics. But there isn’t a daily body-count in our house. As of this posting anyway. Oh, and consider posting comments. I know it takes a few seconds to fill out your info, but if I change my settings to make posting easier, I get spammed. Then I'm reading comments from people selling bizarre bodily acoutrements, and offering shady services I'd rather not proffer on this blog. It's like running to pick up the phone expecting that long awaited call to find it's a telemarketer. It's no fun at all. So take a minute and post. I'll be forever grateful and I'll try to post a comment to your comment. So we'll be, like, talking.
If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see me write about, there are free days on the calendar as of now. I’d love to get your feedback. And since I’m feeling all bloggy again, I’m going to feature a different summer-time drink or beer on my blog every day as well. Nothing like an excuse to embibe for 31 days straight. I dare you to keep up.
Here’s to May: three days and counting.



CLARA'S BLOG said...

From your "work at night" friend - THANK YOU!!!! Looking forward to all the reading I'm going to be doing!!!!!

Babette said...


I'm in on the blogathon, too--from FLX and I'll add you to my weekly visits. Good luck with the blogging.