Monday, March 15, 2010

Blue Kangaroo

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What do you do with a blue kangaroo
That’s grumpy and grouchy and cross?
He’s always displeased and sits banging his knees
He wants to be his own boss.

What do you do with a blue kangaroo
Who constantly sees the glass empty?
Who whines and maintains how he never gets gains
The whole world is against him, tho’ he tries just the same
He sits rigid protesting that he’s really attempting
But all that he does is complain.

What do you do with a blue kangaroo
When you’ve got yourself two happy brown ones?
They’re not perfect by far, but they’re happy at heart
They do chores with a smile when the time comes.

They don’t snarl and grouse, pitch a fit, stomp around
They are generally easy to talk to.
When they do get upset, a quick talk that is it
Then the singing and dancing continues.

What do you do with a blue kangaroo
Whom you love so much you can’t stand it?
When you fish for a smile you’ve not seen in awhile
Or prod for a talking without all his balking
Lamenting the years when you’d safely dry tears
Or sing lullabies without fear of his gawking.

Is it age? Is it phase? Is it pre-teenage rage
That gets him so worked up and mis’rable?
I don’t have solutions just one-way locutions
My attempts have resulted abysmal.

I miss the blue kid who would ride in my pouch
With a merry and fun disposition
Who would snuggle up close for catnaps on the couch
And vie for his mother’s attention.

Has he gone? Disappeared? Will I not get him back
The way I fondly remember it?
Must I learn to accept the new ‘roo I have
Can my love and my patience endure it?

What do you do with a blue kangaroo?
With a sigh, I wish I could tell you.
Guess I’ll keep hugging and loving despite all his grudging,
Watching and praying that he always hops safely
Wishing and hoping his heart’s never broken,
I guess that’s just what all moms do.


Fred A. said...

wow Rach- this needs to be published in a major forum, like Prarie Home Companion......

what a great poem!


Deb said...

OMG Rachel, that's great. I have chills. Where has the time gone? I remember playing ring around the rosie at playgroup not so long ago...