Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Highlights of My Day

  • Enjoyed a free pastry today at Starbucks, along with a grande half-caf, two-pump mocha latte.
  • Spent an hour and a half driving to my chiropractor appointment which lasted for 10 minutes. But well worth it.
  • Worked arms, shoulders, and abs in P90X after two week hiatus. I know, I know.
  • Spent some time on the computer working on various writing projects.
  • Did a couple loads of laundry.
  • Took a nap.
  • Made leftovers for dinner: homemade corned beef hash with fried eggs and toast. Super yummy.
  • Talked to my sister on the phone.
  • Got a new copy of Family Fun in the mail.
  • Surfed Facebook and my favorite blogs, including my own.
  • Periodically checked the sump pumps and lower level to make sure pumps were running and all was dry.

Things I didn't do today but should have
  • Vacuumed up hairy crap from all horizontal surfaces in every room.
  • Cleaned fetid bathrooms including molding tub grout.
  • Worked more on the writing jobs that are paying me.
  • Opened and organized the pile of mail from the past two weeks.
  • Cleaned off the hutch.
  • Read some more of my novel for bookclub.
  • Called my grandparents.
  • Visited sick neighbor in the hospital.


Liz said...

If I made your readings of blog list, I apologize for the lack of anything interesting. If not, I'm glad you were spared the misery :)

Rachel said...

Hey! I'm glad you posted! If you check in again, send me the link to your new blog again. I lost it in my email, and the link that was previously on my page went to your old one that didn't work anymore. Thanks Dahling!