Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome Back Spring. It's About Damned Time.

Well, I'm hesitant to say that spring has arrived because you never know when we're going to get hit with another snowstorm. More rain scheduled for next week, so if you haven't read my sump pump post, you'd better. But the weather has warmed up, my garden is just yearning for the seeds that still have not arrived from the organic seed company, and I broke out the grill tonight. Yes, even on a weeknight. We had steak and pork fajita burritos. So delicious. There is something about the smell of meat and onions grilling that makes me want everyday to be Saturday. I even celebrated the evening with a Dark and Stormy. Yes, even on a weeknight. Most especially on a weeknight.

Here's a quick tour of the latest plants popping up around the yard. If you're reading this in AZ, I know you have had things blooming and growing for months now. But I'll be able to post my June and July vegetation while yours turns a crispy brown. It's a trade off.

My yellow dwarf lillies. Although the term dwarf is to be used loosely. These suckers have gotten thick and bushy in the last two years. Might be time to divide them. And I wonder if they take offense to the term "dwarf." Isn't the PC term these days "little person?" (As in, Big World?) Or "person of small stature?"
Little Person Lilles. Person of Small Stature Lillies. Nope. I'm sorry. I like Dwarf Lillies the best.

My Coreopsis. Such a beautiful deep yellow perennial. I'm a big fan of perennials because it's a great bang for your buck. Pay once, and it comes back again, and again, and again. Too bad shopping isn't like that.

Oh Hyacinth. How I love you. How I wish my children's feet smelled like you. How I wish everything in my stinky, smelly house, especially the bathroom, smelled like you.

Last, but certainly not least, my chives. The creeping thyme is coming in behind it but that dried brown stuff on the right is my oregano. I'm not sure if that is going to resurface this year. I may have killed it over the winter. Although I have dried oregano in my cupboard....maybe I could just dig it up, dust it off, and crumble it in my tomato sauce. Do you think anyone would notice?

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