Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blogathon Bloggers- The First 60

Whew. Day two of the blogathon and I wanted to give you all a sampling of the blogathon bloggers who are blogging daily like myself. This is the first 60 on the list--I'll post the other 60 somewhere around the middle of May. If you find ones you like, save 'em to your favorites will be easier than trying to access them from here again. Originally I wanted to post these in the sidebar, but with over 111 bloggers at last count, that sidebar would run pretty long unless I took off some other items. I know you can't live without the daily drink tid-bit or my mulitasking picture, so I put 'em here. Besides, it counts for a blog post on a day when I really should be outside cleaning up the one million beer bottles and plastic cups from out party last night. But you'll read more about that on Cinco de Mayo. (The 5th of May for those monoligual types.) My personal goal is to read and post on each of these blogs at least once during the first two weeks. There are some seriously talented writers out there and I give you permission to like and read them. So long as you read me first.



Joan Lambert Bailey said...

What a brilliant idea to visit and comment on everyone's blogs in the first two weeks! You're blog sounds like great fun, and I'm looking forward to some good reading. Our husbands, by the way, sound remarkably similar. :)

Rachel said...

I know how nice it is to get comments, and how few people leave them. I'm always hearing "I loved your blog!" but they never post comments so others can read them as well. I figure this is also a great way for me to gather a list of blogs I'd like to follow. I've read 10 postings so far and they are all so different! I LOVE it! Thanks for checking in here!

Alexandra Grabbe said...

I am also trying to visit new blogs. This blogathon is a great opportunity for that! Hope you will visit mine, too, and perhaps return more than twice. I follow half a dozen bloggers a day already and it does bite into my time for other things, like novel writing. I am on the East Coast as well, Cape Cod to be exact.

jennymc02375 said...

Rachel- I love your blog. I do look forward to reading it every day when I am at work. It helps my mornings. :)

I cannot wait to read the Cinco de Mayo blog.

As for topics, as promised:

The CommuterRail
Family drama on Facebook

These are the two that stick out in my mind, but I have more. I just don't want to offend anyone.

Christa Avampato said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for the shout out. Love your honesty on this blog. Looking forward to reading more!