Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 3 Blogs I Can’t Live Without

Well, dear readers, today is the day when all 111 bloggers are blogging on the same topic. If you’d like to double check, or see what others have written about their favorite blogs, just go back to my post of the first 60 bloggers and visit some of their sites. It’s almost mid-month at which time I’ll post the other 60 bloggers. I’ve made my way (almost) through the first list, and there are so many great blogs!

Sorry to disappoint and not list 10 blogs, but I haven’t worked up that kind of extensive list yet. Not that 10 is extensive, but it’s significantly more than 3. I’d love to say that I follow 10 blogs with any type of regularity, but truth is, until this blogathon I didn’t really know about that many other blogs. (You mean, I'm not the ONLY blogger out there?) So what you’re going to get is the top three I read regularly. I have a list going of other blogs I have enjoyed following during this blogathon, which I’m planning on linking in the sidebar as soon as I get 10 minutes to breathe. At the rate I’m going, this may be after the blogathon is over.

And I've had a long day. Pulling weeds, relocating plants, planting potatoes, staking my peas, and pulling weeds. Did I mention I pulled weeds today? And writing about three blogs is about all I can do since my feet, hands, and back hurt guessed it. Pulling weeds. F'ing weeds. So here's what I read when I'm exhausted from weeding:

Fun Finds For Mom
This has to be one of the neatest blogs I have come across. It really is a blog about fun products that she has found on the internet, and neat recipes and activities to do with your kids. Her posts are funny, short, and always tell you where you can find or purchase any of the cute “finds” she has located. She runs a lot of giveaways, and she has an earth-friendly eco-conscious slant to the products and services she likes. She’s also a big fan of Etsy and likes to support independent crafters.

The 10-Year Challenge
I’m relatively new to this blog, but found that I love tuning in to see what this family is up to. Taken from their website, this blog is about “suburban homesteading & fossil fuel reduction: Fruits, berries, vegetables, chickens, and goats.” I’m a sucker for any blog that has information on building chicken coops, orchard bees, composting, and growing food. One thing that surprised me is that even though we live on opposite coasts (them on Puget Sound and me in MA) our gardens are doing about the same things at the same time. Interesting. It also gives me an outlet when I want to talk gardening, as most of the readers of my blog have made it clear they do not like posts about my garden.

Momma Blog
I also found this blog a few months ago. Jen Singer writes a blog on her Momma Said website that’s all about parenting and mom’s issues. You’ll find funny videos and humorous anecdotes, and what’s best is she gives you permission to “stop second-guessing yourself.” She makes me chuckle and I’m always in need of a chuckle.

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