Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother’s Day Revisited

Well, two days later and a little part of me is still mourning the end of May 9th: the one day a year I allow myself to feel no guilt whatsoever for doing whatever I like. Thanks to those of you who left messages or voted on my poll! The results were not surprising, however, they did cement my status in the land of mediocre mothers. Overwhelmingly 9 out of 12 mothers voted that they liked to have a little bit of both-time with their kids as well as time alone. Two moms voted they’d rather spend the whole day with their family, and one poor soul voted that her family didn’t celebrate the day and she was lucky to even get a card. To whomever you are, next year leave me a note, and I’ll send you a bottle of champagne and some orange juice so you can embibe in mimosas all Mother’s Day long. And trust me, I’ve been there once or twice. (Like a couple Christmases ago when my husband got me nothing. Not one thing. He doesn’t remember this of course. Fortunately for him, I do.)

One friend left a comment on Facebook that I thought was a good point. Kristi said: “I would set the vote up for different time periods: the years when I had young 'uns I wanted a day of peace, now that they are in full day school, a day out on the town with the kiddos is awesome. So I vote both ways.”

I agree. I also think that whether moms work or stay at home may influence the vote as well. If your kids are in daycare because you work outside the home, maybe you’d want to see them because you never get to, whereas if you stay at home with the little buggars you’d like some time to yourself. Regardless, no one voted for spending Mother’s Day alone, having 24 hours to do whatever you please. And that’s what I would have voted. Call me horrible—you can surely call me mediocre—but it is a guilty pleasure to feel like I’m just me again, Rachel, and not anyone’s mother. Not that I don’t love my kids, but I can guarantee you that I’ll have many more opportunities to spend time with them than I will to have an entire day to myself. Well, at least for 364 more days.

And as fate would have it, I did get to spend time with the kids. I had a fabulous morning, with the husband making me my traditional breakfast of eggs benedict and coffee. He even went to the local bakery and brought home two large boxes of sweet rolls, whereupon I ate two: one for each butt cheek. I had two later in the day, one for each thigh. Now I’m all evened out.

My kids showered me with love, hugs, kisses, and my daughter made me a trophy the size of a Trojan horse out of cardboard boxes and tin foil (top photo). It came complete with a chocolate heart, coupon book, and a yellow stuffed heart pillow that she sewed herself. My son gave me an item I had been ogling at Starbucks since last year: an insulated plastic tumbler with screw on lid and plastic straw for my iced tea and coffee addiction. I’ve already used it and I love it love it love it. It was $15. Regardless of what people say about me, I really am easy to please.

But Mother Nature was not so kind to me on my special day (hers too if you think about it) because the weather here, while sunny, was about 48 degrees with gusting winds of 25-35 miles an hour. That’s pure cruelty to a woman who’s one day a year to garden for 14 straight hours is upon her, only to venture outside and need her winter jacket, gloves and a scarf. I was frozen. I didn’t have a Mother’s Day plan B. I sat on the couch staring at the window and occasionally staring at the TV. And the longer I sat there, the more the kids were starting to ask me questions. Then there was bickering. The house was a mess and laundry needed to be washed, but I refused to do anything domestic, because dammit, it was MY day. So I called my neighbor across the street and sent up the emergency flag from the window. I had to get out of the house before one of my children actually needed something, so my friend and I went to a couple nurseries and purchased pots, flowers, herbs, and the like, all while cursing the bitter wind. It was an enjoyable time, and when I got home my daughter gave me a fabulous pedicure. I think all moms should have toes like mine; in colors reminiscent of watermelon with little hearts on the big toe.

My husband got take out from a local Italian place and we enjoyed a great dinner, especially since clean up was easy (super easy for me) and then we completed the night with our family ritual of watching “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” All in all, it was a good day. Even if I didn’t get to plant my starters in the garden.

So next year, would I vote for a little bit of both on Mother’s Day, since this year was such a success? Nope. Next year I’m hoping for nicer weather.


Joy said...

Love it! I appreciate your honesty AND humor. MD (it's only my 2nd one) so far hasn't panned out very well. But next year I think I'm going to take matters in my own hands and do the mimmosa thing all day long. Either that or run away from home to hide among the stacks of books at Barnes and Noble.

PS Did you get the PM I sent you on Freelance Success? It's about the next upcoming challenge. . .

Rachel said...

I did (finally!). I PM'd you back as well...sorry about that. Since the blogathon I'm lucky to post a blog, check my email, and try to keep up with the Google group. Feed my kids? Laundry? Those things need to be done too? Ugh.

As far as MD, I'm going on my 11th one...and I can say that the first five or six left a lot to be desired. It has taken much coaching, asking, gift-list making, demanding, crying, being angry, you name it, to get the kind of day I want. The last few years have been really, really, good. I love my husband, but without my persisting, I don't think we'd be much further ahead. Next year, just head to the bookstore with $50 bucks, some alcohol in the trunk of your car (in a cooler of course)and spend the day perusing the racks. Letting your husband know you're going is optional. :) Ha!