Thursday, May 6, 2010

House of a Different Color

This is our house. Just a few weeks ago it was this not-so-lovely grey color with burgandy shutters. The paint was in bad shape, many of our eaves were rotting, and it basically needed a lot of TLC. It also wasn't very cheerful and quite honestly, didn't do much for me in the way of inspiration. But I attribute a lot of that to my personality, which can't look at any house, room, yard, or garden without imagining how it could be. With a just a little paint, or organization, or construction project, or new design. In fact, while I love to watch HGTV--one of my favorite channels--it always leaves me feeling a tad depressed at what I could have. If I only had the time and/or the money. I have figured out (the hard way) that I am much more content with my life (which, let's face it, is amazingly blessed) if I don't watch HGTV or read Better Homes and Gardens magazine. What I don't know exists can't tempt me. Or make me wish I could do....well, everything.

But for the first time in our 11 years of marriage, my husband and I finally paid  contractors to fix our eaves and paint our peeling exterior. Of course we could have done it. My husband being the electrician handy-man that he is could have replaced all the wood trim and done a fabulous job. Working together we could have painted the house ourselves, even if it took four years: one side each 12 months. We could have done it, but decided to use the tax return to fix the exterior and keep the neighbors happy. I picked the colors out (helpful little 2" squares that they are), hired the contractors and the work began.

Here's the final product:
I'm still getting used to the colors, and was worried that it looked like a rainbow threw up in my yard (what with the Azaleas blooming in bright red) but my good friends and neighbors across the street seemed to like it. As long as they are happy, that's all that matters, since they have to look at our house everyday. So, am I content with my surroundings, now that our residence has a brand new outfit that should last for the next five or six years?

Well, the driveway needs to be sealcoated. The backporch needs a new roof. And I still haven't gotten my dream kitchen in all these years....but that's a house of a different color.


Joy said...

Ooooh, I love it! I love, love, love the colors, especially on the doors. I know what you mean about inspiration bordering on obsession. I have cut myself off from all home decorating and fashion magazines. It's hard to go cold turkey but I get soooo crazy otherwise.

Rachel said...

Joy, my favorite magazine is Better Homes, and I CRAVE reading it. I also watch HGTV when I eat lunch (a break from my computer)and really need to find a new channel. Maybe the History or War Channels... maybe those wouldn't make me want to remodel every square inch of my living space!

Megan said...

I really like the new house colors! Great picks!