Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is another blogathon theme day. We're all posting Haiku's; namely because they are short, relatively easy to write, and many of us bloggers are feeling the stress of blogging every day. We've crossed the halfway mark though; only 7 more days to go! I can't believe it.

I tried to write a few Haiku that were relevant to my day or to this past week. I also am a strong believer in taking literary license when necessary; omitting a syllable when I need a word to fit. Makes writing Haiku that much easier!

The light at the end
Of the tunnel is fin’ly
Not a speeding train

My seeds are planted
The waiting has just begun
Hoping for new life

Two sick kids at home
Today I am a servant
To their every want

Uncharted paths are
Intimidating for most
Breathe and enjoy them

Life is so precious
At the beginning or end
Savor each moment

For times I fail to
Express enough gratitude
Thank you for ev’ry thing

I'd love to read your Haiku! In fact, I'd love to read your Haiku comments so much, I wrote a Haiku about it:

Bloggers love to read
Comments from their reading fans
Buck up and leave one!


BIKE LADY said...

I'll go first. That's funny that you don't mind breaking the haiku rules. Very daring of you. :-)

Kathy Murray said...

I'm liking it. If you can get that many stanzas out by breaking the rules, go for it.

Rachel said...

Thank you for leaving
A comment. I'm glad you found
My style creative!

Anonymous said...

Want to shock someone who is Jewish with a Haiku they know well but dont realize ....

It's called the Shema.. (Shhhh Maaa)

Shema Yisrael
Adonoi Elohenu
Adonoi Echud

Litterally translated....

Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One

It is the Jewish equivalent of the declaration of faith. The most central of prayers. Observant Jews have to say it twice a day, and should be the last words spoken at bed. If you have ever seen someone with a mezuzah nailed to the front door, inside is the Shema.

My mother recently sent me a list of very funny Haiku's based on Jewish culture...something struck me and I realized the Shema was a HAIKU!

It may have been my mom's proudest moment.... that I even remembered the Shema 30 years after my last entry into a temple let alone exposed it as a Haiku..

Feel free to amaze any Jew's you know with this new factoid....I guarantee they will be awed!


Rachel said...

I am awed! That is such a beautiful Haiku with such an amazing story! I tell Jim and Ann all the time that if I wasn't so Catholic I'd be Jewish because of the rich history and sense of tradition (that I love). Thank you for sharing that. Not only will I pull that little ditty out of my hat the next time I drinking with Jim and Ann, but I may just start saying it before bed! Short, sweet, to the point, and yet meaningful. My kind of prayer (and Haiku!). Thanks so much for sharing!