Monday, May 17, 2010

One Day at a Time, Nah Nah Nah, One Day at a Time

It's been one of those days-when you find yourself running and driving from one activity to the next, only to come home and realize your house is a complete pig hole. And you son has a tri-fold board and speech due this week and you haven't made his Union soldier outfit yet. And your daughter wants you to draw on her back as you tuck her in but you haven't peed in like, 10 hours, so you tell her no. And your husband is flustered because getting the kids ready for bed and actually in bed takes more energy and time than he thought it would. (Well, duh.) And you have a blog to post, but you haven't even had one moment to think about a subject, let alone be funny about it, oh and by the way self, tomorrow is guest post day. Better be dang hilarious.

I made choices that led to this though. Like choosing to get my hair cut and colored today for four hours. I can't tell you too much about it because I'm planning on using it as a full post in two days, but lets just say that right now I look hot. Well, maybe not hot. Maybe just warm. Perhaps warm is too strong a word right now, actually. I've already showered, am wearing no makeup, and am sitting in my fuzzy blue mom robe, so maybe I just look tepid. But right now I look tepid because I got my hair cut and highlighted today-and the best part? It was half price. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I know how to treat myself right, and today I volunteered to be a "model" not a "client" which means it's the cut and color you desire with a *small*possibilty that he might screw up. The good news here is that he didn't, and now I have had my once annual cut and I don't have to get it done again until next May. Whew. One more thing off my list.

But since it's been that kind of day, and the two glasses of wine I drank this evening are now causing my eyelids to feel beddy, beddy, hebby, (that's very very heavy for those without an accent in your imagination), I'm going to post this lame blog tonight so I can call myself done. It counts. If you have issues with this blog, please take it up with the management.

Oh wait. That would be me too. Looks like you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see what else ends up here. And hope I don't end tomorrow with two more glasses of wine.

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